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About Us

This e-learning portal has been created by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, to increase awareness of the signs and the dangers of depression amongst students.

The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust was set up in 1997 in memory of Charlie Waller, a young man who took his own life whilst suffering from depression. The Trust aims to:

  • Equip young people to look after their mental wellbeing
  • Help people recognise signs of depression in themselves and others
  • Ensure expert and evidence-based help is available when people need it

We do this by:

  • Delivering talks to young people and those working with them about how to stay mentally well
  • Providing training to primary health care and other professionals in identifying and supporting those with depression
  • Offering training and self-help resources to universities and students to promote wellbeing
  • Supporting research and teaching in evidence-based therapies at the Charlie Waller Institute, University of Reading

Our vision is of a world where people understand and talk openly about depression, where young people know how to maintain wellbeing, and where the most appropriate treatment is available to everyone who needs it.